The 5 Steps to Starting a Part-Time Coaching Business

Kilo Fit

Kilo Fit

May 27, 2020 — 5 mins read

Change is tough, and it’s challenging to start in a new area even though you know you are qualified and knowledgeable. By diving into part-time coaching, you can dip your toes into the industry and test out the waters. Many coaches find they love it so much that they end up taking it on as a full-time career. Where should you start? 

Today, we will take you through the 5 steps to starting your part-time coaching business. Let’s get you on the right path toward the career of your dreams.

Step 1: Cover the Basics.

You will want to know nutrition or fitness basics before you begin providing advice to others. But that’s not the end of it.

Do your research and focus on gaining knowledge and qualifications or certificates to get more credibility. The key is to continue doing this - even after you are well out of the beginner stages. The health and wellness field is growing each day, and you should always keep an eye on the newest research.

You will also not only want to take courses based on fitness or nutrition. You may want to dive into psychological training or courses outlining how to be a better coach in general. These can offer tips and tricks on how to help your clients adhere to a certain diet or exercise regime. They can also help you plan your business or schedule accordingly, making your clients’ lives easier.

Step 2: Find Your Niche.

Health coaching is a huge industry. There are all kinds of health coaches to choose from. Yet, the more niched down you are, the more likely you will get clients. 

Ideally, you want to speak to a specific audience and deal with one particular group of people with the same challenges. Ask yourself: Who can you help the most? What do you know the most about? Take a look at your own experience. What have you done? You may have experience in bodybuilding, weight loss for new moms, a specific sport, and improving performance in it, or yoga and flexibility for beginners.

The best niche comes from your experience and your prior knowledge. Niching down in this area also adds to your credibility. You can relate to your clientele on a more personal level, as well as build more trust.

Step 3: Share the News.

In most cases, your first clients will come from your inner circles, such as family members, acquaintances, or friends of friends. These initial clients can help build your reputation and provide you with valuable testimonials and proof of your skills. 

Yet, when hunting for clients outside of these close circles, you will want to display to others that they can trust your knowledge. This means offering valuable content or advice for free. When people see how helpful you are without payment, they may become more interested in what more value they can receive by having you coach them. 

To do this, post videos or articles that would offer your ideal clients value on Facebook or Instagram. What would they want to know more about? What is some actionable advice you can provide? For instance, if your niche is regarding new moms wanting to lose weight, you may want to offer information about time-saving workouts, easy-to-make healthy meals for the whole family, or similar concepts. 

It’s also important to be transparent. Again, this builds trust, which is very important if you want people to pay you for your coaching services. Let everyone know that you are just starting (there’s no shame in being new to the coaching game). Also, make it clear that you are accepting new clients. You can do this by adding call-to-actions within your content, such as ‘apply to work with me today’ or ‘’book a free consultation.’

Step 4: Start With One Good Review.

Undeniably, testimonials and reviews are essential for building your coaching business. They show potential clients proof that you have helped others in similar circumstances. Plus, most people check out the reviews before buying a product or service. 

Since you are just starting your coaching business, your goal is to get that one initial positive review. Practice makes perfect. Any business begins with one good review from a person who has seen results.

How can you get a client for a review if you don’t have any clients to begin with? You may want to consider coaching your very first client for free or at a reduced price. Do this in exchange for them sharing their opinion about the process. It’s a win-win. The client receives your services, you get feedback, and you get a review that could potentially help you gain more clients. To start, aim for one review, then build from there.

Step 5: Provide Value First.

Inevitably, your business will grow as more people know about you. Word-of-mouth is an excellent strategy for getting new clients, but you likely will eventually want more than that. Becoming known as an expert in your field will draw people to you. 

To do this, consistently share your knowledge and build a community around it. Always focus on providing value without selling. Again, this builds trust and helps people view you as an expert. This means when they think of your niche or area of expertise, they will think of you. 

Start Your Part-Time Coaching Business Today!

Use the steps above to begin building your part-time coaching business. Becoming a health coach is a highly rewarding career. It offers fulfillment and growth opportunities. And who knows - maybe you will eventually want to take it on as a full-time venture. The first step is getting that first client and that first review. Take the plunge and uncover how you can help others - like yourself - flourish and pave the way toward better health and a better life.

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